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Kiyoami, the red ogre.

Kiyoami, known as the red ogre, was killed five hundred years ago by the head of Shima House, only to be reincarnated as Saburo Kujo. He was at large around the middle ages, along with Konnosuke, Murakumo, Benten, and Miwayama.


Kiyoami has long red hair and "poisonous" silver eyes than turn down at the corners like Kujo's. He wears an open white kimono. Two straight horns protrude from his head (they shrink slightly when we is relaxed), and two fangs poke up from his lower teeth. Kiyoami has a tattoo of a peony on his left shoulder. He wears an amber stone on a rope necklace. Kiyoami weilds the sword Dojoji.


Kiyoami is rather rude and cruel. As an ogre, he steals witches and takes their virginity from them, as the only one that can carry an ogre's child is a witch. He does not hesitate to attack anyone around him, although he seems to be more intelligent than his looks would suggest.